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WhitleyTune Sports Injection Kits

Introducing the WhitleyTune Sports Injection kits. A truly bespoke individual throttle body (ITB) solution for high performance naturally aspirated engine builds.

These ITB kits are not a one-fits-all approach as the entire inlet tract from port to airbox is 3D modelled and designed specifically to suit your application. We take into account engine specifications, intended application and physical packaging to produce the best fit for your requirements. The design intent behind bringing these kits to market is to service the enthusiast who has an uncommon application or requires a bespoke solution to suit their specific engine setup, whether that be a ten-tenths race car or a road-legal weekend warrior. We can make these kits to suit any engine.

At the heart of every WhitleyTune Sports Injection kit is a one-off investment cast A356 aluminium intake manifold. The manifold is CAD designed and cast in-house using 3D printed patterns – this gives us absolute freedom to meet your personal requirements. All kits utilise our own design compact throttle bodies & velocity stacks, which can be in your choice of material, finish and colour. All components are CNC machined and hand assembled.

WhitleyTune L28 Longfunnel Render

What is included in each WhitleyTune Sports Injection kit:

Optional Extras:

We make these kits for any application