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Camshaft & Valvetrain Analysis Service

We would like to offer our extensive camshaft design experience with customers wanting a better understanding of their current camshaft profiles and engine requirements. At WhitleyTune we pride ourselves on our camshaft & valve profile design and analysis capabilities. In analysing a camshaft, it's easy to miss the distinction between the two main aspects - namely selecting a pair of lobes that generate the correct valve events and lifts for the application vs. using lobe contours matched to optimise the lobe area for the specific valvetrain design. Our analysis service takes into account both factors.

We have many tools avaliable to us to test the many complex relationships within the umbrella of automotive camshaft and valvetrain design. These include, but not limited to, cam & valve lift profile measurement, valve spring load & frequency testing, stress analysis, oil entrainment, Fourier analysis of spring excitation.

We offer two basic packages for camshaft analysis:

Package 1 - US$100

  • Ship us your cam(s) for a profile measurement and anaylsis.
  • We will provide a short assesment report of the condition/quality of the camshafts, a profile spec sheet and recommendation on clearances and timing. This report is not complete but will include any concerns or important information noted during the analysis.

Package 2 - US$200

  • Ship us your cam(s) for a profile measurement and analysis.
  • We will supply a lift table and a comprehensive report including camshaft condition, plots & analysis of the lift & derivative curves, Fourier analysis of valve spring excitation, recommendations on clearances, timing and possible improvements on design.

Please Note:

Most rocker arm OHC motors require a valvetrain geometry measurement for us to accurately simulate the valve lift profile. If we do not have the geometry on file this will incur extra cost listed below (unless otherwise stated). Don't hesitate to contact us if you require other camshaft related services, we are happy to help.


  • Measure Valve spring loads & natural frequency US$50
  • Measure valvetrain geometry US$200
  • Polish lobes and journals US$100
  • Phosphate coat chilled iron flat tappet cam - US$100
  • Straighten camshaft – US$50
  • Microfinish / Superfinish cam lobes - US$150
  • Destructive testing – $POA
  • Rocker FEA analysis - $POA